You Might Enjoy Star Trek, But Not For The Reasons You Think

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Star Trek Into Darkness cast May 2013So Star Trek Into Darkness comes out today, but since I'm a fancy blogger lady, I got to see it earlier this week and here are my thoughts. First of all, I saw it in 3-D and IMAX from a non-center seat, so I'm just now back on solid food, and second of all, this movie was totally different than I expected. I should say that I really loved the first reboot, back in 2009, and I don't think it's crazy that I was assuming the new one would be in the same basic style. But instead, this movie was like…in a whole new genre. It was campy in a way that was super fun, but also left my friend and I wondering if it was intentional. We were laughing along with the rest of the audience all throughout the movie, but we weren't always convinced that ours was the desired reaction.

I'll say this first — definitely go see it. Go with a friend and have a great time; it's perfect for that. But check in with me right after, because I want to know what other people think about this movie. I feel like it was right in between camp and seriousness, and if it had gone a little bit further in either direction, it would've been a much more enjoyable movie. I love camp as much as the next person, and I would've loved if they'd fully embraced that, but I don't think they did…? I really can't tell if J.J. Abrams has any idea how funny this movie is. I hope he does.

Obviously the acting is great — I think they made great choices with the first one, and they were smart to stick with them. Chris Pine is just douche-y enough that it's satisfying when he's brought low, but still charming enough that you ultimately want him to succeed. Zachary Quinto kills it as Spock. He's easily one of my favorite characters, which is impressive given that his role is basically to deliver lines in a monotone. He's so committed that he's able to give the character depth without dipping into emotions. It's impressive. Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, and John Cho continue to be good in their fringe-y sort of way, contributing to a substantial amount of the camp, but I liked it. The one character they really changed this time though was Uhura. Zoe Saldana was great the first time around — strong, smart, no-nonsense — but this time, it seemed like all she was given to work with was ‘irrational, bitchy girlfriend'. She barely did anything that didn't relate back to her relationship with Spock, to the point that her emotions about him were getting in the way of how well she did her job, which nobody pointed out, which was odd. She also had the amazing line in response to how her Klingon was: “Rusty…but good.” What does that mean? Oh and yeah, there are Klingons in this movie. Get into it.

You know who was really great, though? My new boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, no surprise there, but he really banged it out. I won't tell you who he was playing (although you can find out if you click here), but he was the categorical best. Amidst everyone else weeble-wobbling on the fine line between Jokeytown and Seriousville, Benedict was just cutting through it all like a scalpel, doing his own thing and Turning. It. Out. He's one of the only people I could completely take seriously in this movie, instead of intermittently thinking, “Yes, but what are you doing aboard a starship, and how come your odd behavior hasn't damaged it yet or even been remarked upon?” Bottom line, I had a great time, and I totally recommend the movie, but I definitely didn't see the film I was expecting to see. Did I like it? Yes. Does it have anything in common with the 2009 film? No. Well, that's not true. They have a ton in common. But you know what I mean.