The Final Star Trek Trailer Proves This Is A Franchise That Knows How To Do It

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Star Trek Into Darkness Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison screen shotIf I could have silence in the courtroom, please, while we all turn our attention to Star Trek: Into Darkness, I'd like to point them out as the perfect example of how you release a movie. I refuse to believe that I'm the only person who's annoyed by films like The Great Gatsby releasing so many trailers and teasers and sneak peeks and clips that by this point, I feel like I've seen the whole movie even though it's not even out yet.

But Star Trek, oh Star Trek, you are a completely different beast, and I completely respect you for it. Every time new information comes out, it's a tiny tiny bit, with enough information to be completely tantalizing, but mysterious enough to keep me hankering for more instead of annoyed every time I see a new trailer referenced. And speaking of new trailers, here's the final one for this movie, which comes out exactly one month from today.

For one thing, they've managed to keep the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain completely a secret for like…months and months now. There's speculation that it might be Khan or Gary Mitchell, but J.J. Abrams‘ lips are completely sealed, as he reveals nothing in the trailers and lists the character's name as ‘John Harrison'. We know from this trailer that John Harrison represents a terrorist threat from inside Starfleet, but anyone who wants to know more than that will have to…y'know…actually see the movie. What a concept. Even the interviews that J.J. has given about the film are perfect. He reveals enough to keep Trekkie's frothing at the mouth (which isn't that hard to do, frankly), like telling us that there will be Klingons and that his intention with this movie is to make you cry, without spoiling any of the juicy details. It's genius.

Plus the trailer itself is so completely bad-ass. There are obviously really high expectations because the 2009 Star Trek was so ballin', but I'm not worried at all about the sequel living up to the first one. Basically, I just need every other half-ass movie coming out to take a page out of Star Trek‘s book when they start to market their movie, because every single thing they've released has gotten my nips hard. No lie. Let's just hope this condition abates somewhat before the movie premieres on May 17th, because I've heard if they last for more than four hours, I'm supposed to see a doctor.