See If You Can Spot Benedict Cumberbatch In This Star Trek 2 Footage

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As you know, San Diego Comic-Con took place last weekend, and what gets butts in seats — aside from the pretty, pretty actors — is the promise of snippets of footage from upcoming movies. With Star Trek 2 not coming out til May 17th, 2013, fans were psyched when actor Karl Urban promised to bring a little treat while promoting his new movie Dredd.

It turns out this Karl guy is a bit of a troll! Last week he potentially revealed which villain Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play in the movie, so when people got pissed, he promised to show some Star Trek 2 footage while at SDCC. But this “sneak footage” is a bit underwhelming. And by that I mean, this man must have been laughing maniacally while he cut it together.

So, you do get to see ten seconds of footage… after three minutes of Karl surfing. (Skip to 3:40.) And all we saw was the official “that's a wrap!” moment on-set. From a fan standpoint that behind-the-scenes look is kind of cool, sure. But if you clicked the video expecting to see more of Benedict's villain or even Zoe Saldana in her tiny Starfleet uniform, consider yourself trolled.

Karl better brace himself for the wrath of Benedict's fanbase the Cumberbitches. Though I wouldn't quite count myself among their ranks, I know that I'm excited to see him in the movie, especially after I learned that last Christmas he recorded his audition, “pretty strung out” in his own words, on an iPhone and sent it to director J.J. Abrams. That takes dedication! Legal issues have prevented Benedict from actually talking about the role, so here we were hoping for just a glimpse of his villain.

Watch your back, Karl.