Star Shrinking: Oksana’s Teeth Are Busted, Thanks To Mel’s Self-Loathing

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Mel GibsonYou've heard the awful tapes (“You went to sleep! I deserve to be blown first!”) and read about the violence. But have you seen Radar's photo exclusive of Oksana Grigorieva with missing front teeth (after allegedly getting punched in the face by Mel Gibson)? It's deeply disturbing, viral as hell and will sink the actor's career even further down the toilet. In short, Mel is toast. No amount of defense from Whoopi Goldberg or Jodie Foster can save him now. And that's fine with us, since he deserves to get banned from Hollywood for good.

So, yes, today's Star Shrinking is all about Mel and his agenda-driven defenders. And Crushable's resident expert, Dr. Gilda Carle, weighs in:

“When people see Mel Gibson, his name is going to be synonymous with ‘wife abuser,'” she says. “And now we hear that there's not one group that he likes. And he wants oral sex before anything! In other words, ‘I'm a Hollywood star and I'm entitled.'”

Now that his agent Ari Emanuel has dropped him and so have lingering fans, Mel's behavior isn't going to fly anymore, Gilda says. “A hater hates the world. But a hater truly hates himself. And how ego-centric! ‘Take care of my needs before yours.' … I would like all his children treated. I don't believe for one moment that the children were not exposed to this anger.”

Gilda suspects the Hollywood community and Mel's ex-wife of enabling Mel's dangerous, self-sabotaging attitude for so long because he could get people in theaters (and keep the money a-flowing). Mel could get away with stuff – even when his DUI arrest in 2006 exposed his anti-Semitic, anti-female tirade, his talent agency still stood by him. So did his wife, and he continued to make movies. But now, he can kiss all that goodbye.

“He didn't expect a ‘dumb, young, foreign woman' to be this cagey,” says Gilda, referencing the exotic Oksana.

And what of his defenders? There's Whoopi Goldberg, whose controversial remarks of support made The View a hot topic again. There's Jodie Foster, who's collaborating with Mel on the upcoming movie The Beaver. Robert DeNiro. His soon-to-be-ex-wife of 28 years, Robyn, who issued a statement saying he never engaged in abusive behavior throughout their marriage and has been a “loving father” to their seven children.

“The defenders are looking at Mel Gibson through tainted lenses,” she says. As for his fellow actors, “They're defending their own profession. … ‘Today it's Mel, tomorrow it could be me.'”

You can learn more about Dr. Gilda on her website drgilda.com.