Breaking Down Every Cameo Stan Lee Has Made in a Marvel Movie

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Whether you have been an avid Marvel fan from the beginning or are just jumping on the bandwagon, there is one thing you can count on in each movie and it’s not just the superheroes kicking ass — it's a cameo from the man behind it all, Stan Lee. Stanley Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, is the writer of Marvel comics. At the age of 17, Stan took his first job as an assistant at Timely Comics, which would soon become Marvel comics. He moved up the ladder to eventually become a comic writer and boy, how far he's come.

Now at the age of 95, Stan appears in disguise during each and every Marvel movie – which as you probably already know, are being churned out super frequently. Whether he appears as a hot-dog vendor or a wedding crasher, Stan Lee has cameoed every position imaginable. Because he's almost always wearing sunglasses or large reading glasses, he can be hard to spot. How many of these characters did you know were Stan on your first watch?