Stacy Keibler Seems To Be Dating George Clooney In The Correct Fashion

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“News of my relationship's death has been greatly exaggerated, okay?”

Such is the general gist of the missive George Clooney sent to E! Online (via a rep) debunking a tabloid story that said he and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler were close to breaking up. The Sun went with the much-repeated narrative that she wants to get married and Clooney doesn't, hence his ominous “pulling away,” but they forgot one key thing: they have only been dating for half the amount of time that George Clooney usually dates people. The former wrestler has at least a year left of dating George Clooney to look forward to! And it looks to all appearances like she's enjoying every second it.

Which brings me to my point: based on the things I have read about her and the imaginary narrative I've constructed in my head, Stacy Keibler appears to be negotiating the whole “dating George Clooney” thing in the best possible way. She knows his relationship history (which, honestly, is better than those of most non-famous hot guys I've met in New York): he stays with each lady for a solid few years before moving on. She's enjoying dating George Clooney for the insanely fun benefits (vacations, a career boost, fucking George Clooney) without trying to be “the woman who tamed George Clooney.” She knows she has at least one Oscars left, and she is stoked about that. And he seems to genuinely like her. Enough to bother responding to the tabloid story.

It also seems like their relationship has a healthy amount of space; when asked by a reporter if Clooney would be attending any fashion shows with her during Fashion Week, she said, “I don't know, ask him.” Sassy!

Of course, there's a possibility that I'm wrong and she totally wants to be the woman who tamed George Clooney. But if she is, she's doing a good job keeping it to herself. Which, paradoxically, might be what ends up making her the woman who tamed “confirmed bachelor”/serial monogamist George Clooney. But probably not.

(Via E! Online)

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