Sláinte! Let’s Properly Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day By Ogling Our Favorite Irish Men

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Michael Fass 2

As the weekend editor here at Crushable, I am not just unapologetically obsessed with pop culture and celebrities.  I am unapologetically obsessed with male, Irish celebrities in particular.  Needless to say, I've been counting down the weekends this year because — HUZZAH — St. Patrick's Day fell on a weekend this year, thus allowing me to revel in my obsession.

It doesn't matter if these strapping Irish actors are young, old, hunky, dorky, or have the best shark-tooth grin in Hollywood, every time I hear a deep Irish lilt…



After a morning of thorough research and a tight grasp on my loins, I've narrowed down the list of my favorite Irish guys.  Since I'm sure most of you celebrated this magical holiday yesterday, feel free to nurse your hangover and distract yourself from all of the green stuff that went in yesterday coming out today by enjoying this shameless and shallow list!  Cheers.

Michael Fassbender
My personal favorite had me hooked when he starred in Inglorious Basterds and Jane Eyre and tricked me into thinking he was British.  Intense stalker that I am, I was able to uncover the truth thanks to several hundred YouTube clips and Wikipedia.  Because of him, I even watched an X-Men movie for the first time.

Michael Fassbender Irish


Everyone knows he's Irish and the lead singer of U2, and after seeing him perform live he's now not just one of my favorite Irish men, he's just a favorite in general.  He's a humanitarian, he's attractive, and after 3+ decades of putting on shows and tours he's still really fucking great at it.

Bono Irish


Chris O'Dowd
In a short amount of time, Chris O'Dowd has really made a name for himself.  He's  got that quirky, funny guy thing going on and he's also pretty cute to boot.  I loved him in BridesmaidsFriends With Kids, and as the douchey Thomas John on Girls.

Chris O'Dowd Irish


Colin Farrell
Oh weird, an Irish guy who's a little rough around the edges and likes to drink.  Consider me okay with both of those things.  And who didn't love his comedic turn in Horrible Bosses?

Colin Farrell Irish


Daniel Day Lewis
Okay, so he's a little longer in the tooth than some of the others.  So what?  He's pretty much the Laurence Olivier of the 80s-on and he just won an Oscar this year.  He's also gorgeous and loves his wife.  (You already know what this does to my ovaries.)

Daniel Day Lewis Irish


Johnathan Rhys Myers
While I'm fairly positive that his physical portrayal of King Henry VIII on Showtime's The Tudors was completely inaccurate, I can't say that I minded.  Another Irish hunk who likes the bottle a little too much (in a way that's less fun, more worrysome… but hey, it's St. Patty's day), I hope to see him healthy and well and naked onscreen again sometime soon.

Johnathan Rhys Myers Irish


Liam Neeson
Everyone loves Liam Neeson.  The end.

Liam Neeson Irish


Pierce Brosnan
While I'll always secretly hate him because he took Miranda Hillard away from Daniel, he's incredibly gorgeous and who can hold a grudge against a guy who holds Meryl Streep like that?

Pierce Brosnan Irish


(Lead photo: Tumblr)