The First Full Trailer For Spring Breakers Is Here, Looks Totally Insane

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After many small teaser trailers, the full trailer for Harmony Korine‘s dark Floridian crime movie¬†Spring Breakers is here, and it gives a good sense of just how fucked up this film is going to be. Also: how great.

It opens on Selena Gomez‘s horrible friends going “rise and shine little bitch, where's the money?” and only gets better from there. Bored and in need of sunshine and beer bongs, the girls (Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens) rob a convenience store (or something) to get money for spring breeeeak, which is funny, because I would rob someone just to get away from spring break. They make it to Florida (their second mistake), where they meet Alien (James Franco), a white rapper/drug dealer/Florida person, and a lot of crazy stuff happens with sex, guns and money while Skrillex‘s nightmare music plays. “This is the American dream y'all,” he drawls at one point, making me think this is not just a movie about barely legal boobs and getting fucked up and stealing momey from people, but a love letter to America.

But wait! At the end of the trailer, they all sing Britney Spears to remind us that they are sweet, ditzy little girls at the same time that they are scary criminals! This movie seems like it's going to capture the horror of alpha-chicks with flying colors.

Also, it reminds me of this:

(Via MTV)