Video: James Franco Does His Best ‘Southern Dirtbag’ In The Second Spring Breakers Clip

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We have yet to be treated to a full Spring Breakers trailer, but the bits and pieces that are slowly leaking out might be even better. While the first clip showed Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens doing the most serious 33 seconds of acting we've ever seen from them, this second one shows James Franco reminding us that despite his reputation for self-obsession, he's still able to disappear into a role. (Or not, depending on how much of a dirtbag you think he is in real life.)

In it, we see Franco showing Selena and Vanessa around his swingin' bachelor pad as he brags about having achieved “my fuckin' dream, y'all.” As we find out, his version of the American dream includes:

-Shorts every fuckin' color

-Designer t-shirts

-Gold bullets

-Motherfuckin' vampires (?)

A seductive giggle from the girls, and it's over. Leave 'em wanting more, Harmony Korine! I can't wait to see what bad things James Franco-as-Kevin Federline does in this movie. So far, it seems like he did a great job with this weird, boastful, shorts-loving character.

(Via Vulture)