Spotted: Rozlyn From ‘The Bachelor’ Leaving The Country

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Remember Rozlyn Papa from The Bachelor season with Crazy Eyes Jake Pavelka? The sultry blonde who developed feelings for a show producer rather than the main event, i.e. Jake. (We felt for ya, Roz). Her sex tape was later leaked, and her housemates pounced on her for her cheatin' ways in the Women Tell All special.  A tipster en route to London spotted Roz this afternoon at the Delta international terminal at JFK Airport in New York City. Roz was sitting and working on her laptop, wearing a white shirt and casual pants and had her hair down.

Was she off on a romantic vacay with her producer boyfriend? If so, can't blame her. That's her reward for spending a half-season being fake-into Jake, who makes Jason Mesnick look classy by comparison.