Time Travel With Spotify’s Newest Personalized Playlist

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Time Travel With Spotify s Newest Personalized Playlist Britney Spears Hit Me Baby gif


Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Yet again, technology proves that it knows you better than we think it does with Spotify‘s new Time Capsule Playlist. By this point pretty much everyone knows that nostalgia has been hitting us all in a big way these days. TV reboots from the ’90s and early 2000s just keep coming and even our fashion trends are repeats from decades past. A lot of us have even been revisiting some of the pop-punk and emo music from our middle school days to seek solace from the scary world of 2017. At times like these, it makes sense that we’d all want to time travel to *literally* almost any other time period.

Well, Spotify’s just made that a whole lot easier. Based on your current music tastes and your age, they’ve been able to roll out a personalized playlist that can guess what you used to be listening to in your more formative years. According to the company itself, this new function is meant to “to evoke powerful memories from your youth” and according to users, it’s scarily accurate.

If you’re fed up with having to remember all of those throwback hits from the good ol’ days and dragging them into a #TBT playlist all on your own, then Spotify’s finally doing all the work for you. And while it’s pretty awesome — it’s also pretty scary that technology knows who we were even before we were completely obsessed with social media.

Who wants to start making bets on how long it’ll take from Apple Music to rip off the idea?