Spoiler on Logan and Rory

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More spoiler goodies out from Ausiello:

What's the latest scoop on Logan and Rory?
Ausiello: More family drama is headed Logan's way as Papa Huntzberger rears his meddling head again. Rory plays the supportive girlfriend, just as he played the supportive boyfriend during Richard's health crisis last night. And that's it, really. No marriage proposal or anything like that.

This spoiler helps me piece together some things:

  1. Logan is going to buy a new Internet company, shelling out his entire trust fund to do it ($3 million)
  2. In 7.15, we've been told he will hear "disturbing" news about the company he has bought
  3. Now, Rory must support Logan while his father gets mad at him for ‘something'

Now, I thought the 7.15 spoiler was for his first company purchase, but now I suspect it is the latest one. My guess is that he will lose all his money. What do you think?

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