The Nerdiest Proposal You’ll Ever See: Spider-Man Impersonator Fends Off Attackers, Proposes To Girlfriend

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Andrew Garfield may be the sexiest Spider-Man we've ever seen, but this guy is giving him a run for his money in the sweetness department. We don't know his name, so we're just gonna call him Spidey—Spidey arranged a whole deal where two “thugs” stole his girlfriend's giant stuffed bear during the Dance Walk in Provo, Utah, and then he swung in and kicked their asses. The whole thing is cartoonish, from his costume purchased at a Halloween store to the guys stealing the girl's bear and not their wallet, but Spidey obviously wasn't going for realism.

So after he beats up the bad guys in a well-choreographed bit, he drops to one spandex-clad knee and pops the question. Awww! This really gives you hope for sweet, dorky guys who plan every single detail of the proposal. And it really seems like he caught his girlfriend by surprise.

But the nerdiest part of this whole thing might be all the people giving the videographer shit for “Vertical Video Syndrome.” Of course, as the YouTuber protests, s/he was originally taking photos and then spontaneously caught the proposal. And capturing that moment in its entirety is worth more than getting the camera right.