Melanie Brown Continues To Get People Riled Up About A Possible Spice Girls Reunion

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Spice Girls reunion Mel BThere's a marked difference between Melanie Brown‘s behavior last week and now: A little over a week ago, she cautiously dropped the hint that she and the rest of the Spice Girls might be reuniting at Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee in early June. “Ooh, did I just say that?” she laughed on the Australian talk show Sunrise after dropping the monumental maybe-news. But her tweet last night makes it sound as if she's dispensing with all formality and secret-keeping, and like a Spice Girls reunion could actually be on the way:

will be back in uk next month to see my spice girls,can”t wait,missed them all sooooooo much!!!!! girlpower all the way babay!!!

That's all she would say on the subject, and there's been no corroboration from the other Spice Girls. Interestingly, most of them are working on clothing lines: Emma Bunton with children's clothes, Victoria Beckham having stars like Michelle Williams wear her designs, and Geri Halliwell resurrecting her famous Union Jack dress. (Melanie Chisholm is working on her solo career.)

Geri did speak about her career goals recently, but when she mentioned the same Diamond Jubilee, there was nothing charged behind her words: Talking about the iconic Union Jack design, she said, “We have the Olympics [coming up], we have the Diamond Jubilee; we have a lot to feel good about.” When asked about the Spice Girls musical, she said, “The storyline is brilliant, of course fantastic music. Hopefully it will make everyone smile and relive the past.” She predicts it'll come out at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. If anything, the only hints from Geri were about her own solo album.

So, it could be that Mel B is just trying to get attention by stirring up rumors of a Spice Girls reunion. But let's put on our optimistic hats and assume that there is some grand performance in the works. If that's the case, then I agree with E! Online that she's probably talking about rehearsals; after all, next month is already March, and it's reasonable that something celebrating the Queen of England would require three months of rehearsal.

Plus, there are two parts to her tweet that have me thinking this could be legit: For one, she says “missed them all soooo much” about the girls. Now, it's not surprising that the ladies stay in touch over Twitter and in-person; you can find a smattering of photos online of them out and about getting dinner and such. But the tweet seems to refer to something more than just seeing the girls, i.e., actually working together again.

Furthermore, Mel ends the tweet with “girlpower all the way!”—why invoke the group's catchphrase/mantra if you're just talking about the good old days?