Spencer Pratt’s Twitter War With Perez Hilton

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Is there anyone fame whoring douchebag Spencer Pratt won't start a Twitter war with these days? Earlier this week, he picked on Kate Hudson and Snooki, and then yesterday he got into a horrific back and forth with celeb blogger Perez Hilton. Of course, Spencer couldn't help but drag Lauren Conrad into the fight, and Spencer's sister Stephanie, Perez's sister Barbara and even his mom were also mentioned throughout the painful flamewar.

The exchange is much too long to reproduce here, and with each participant having multiple responses to each other, it's hard to keep track of what they were actually virtually yelling at each other. But here's a run down (you can read it all at Spencer's Twitter page and Perez's Twittter):

spencer tweet

It all started yesterday afternoon with Spencer claiming Perez was lying, apparently in response to this blog post, in which Perez references a Page Six item reporting that Spencer and wife Heidi Montag are dumping plans to sue The Hills creator Adam DiVello. To which Perez replied, “Are you smoking your sister's meth?”

Perez tweet

Things continued to go downhill from there, with the two admitted fame whores fighting over the alleged Lauren Conrad-Jason Wahler sex tape and who first brought it Perez's attention. Here are some of our favorite moments:

What will happen next? Will the lie detector showdown happen? Both Perez and Spencer seem to have moved on and are both Twittering about other things, although Spencer went on to bash The New York Post for publishing lies about him and Heidi and starting a fight between him and Perez. No, Spencer, we think you did that all on your own.