Spencer Pratt Used Lauren Conrad’s Birthday To Drum Up Publicity For Himself

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Spencer tweets happy birthday to Lauren ConradSpencer Pratt is broke. Hollywood knows he's crazy, and he's living at home with his folks because he doesn't have any money to pick himself back up again. He calls his agency thirty times a day and can't get work. But then February 1 came, and it was a glorious day—it was Lauren Conrad‘s birthday, and Spencer knew that he would be able, if only for a few days after, to be relevant again.

He tweeted out a seemingly positive message to LC, though he quickly had to explain himself since his and her fans probably called bullshit immediately:

@LaurenConrad Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping me find my miracle wife @heidimontag !

My birthday wish for @LaurenConrad is for her to find true love like #Speidi

I wasn't being sarcastic! I really do wish the best for @LaurenConrad on her birthday! #forgiveandforget

Mentioning the friend that Lauren lost because she chose him over her, and trying to get “Speidi” trending again even though it's a horrid piece of pop culture slang we'd rather forget? Yeah, not helping Spencer's case.

Ultimately, Lauren ignored Spencer's attempts at reconciliation since she has a job as a style guru and seems to be doing pretty damn well without the crutch of reality television. Instead, she posted photos like this one of her wearing a birthday hat and trying to open a Hello Kitty champagne bottle, and joked that no one had wished her a happy Groundhog Day.

Lauren Conrad celebrating her 26th birthday

But according to a friend, Lauren really just didn't take her former on-screen enemy seriously because Twitter isn't the place for genuine apologies. “Lauren loves using Twitter to interact with her fans and promote her brands,” the source said, “but obviously she doesn’t think it’s an effective way to apologize or try to mend bridges… In this case, like others, she’s going to continue to do what works best with Spencer and that’s obviously to ignore him.”

Heidi Montag must be in on the reconciliation idea, too: They sent some flowers off to former co-star Kristin Cavallari, who's pregnant with her first child. “Heidi and Spencer actually sent me flowers, which was really sweet,” she recently told Us. The way they left things on The Hills, Spencer got kicked off after threatening the producers, and Heidi was convinced that Kristin was doing drugs. But apparently bygones are bygones for Kristin; maybe it's the baby that has her so forgiving.