This Has Gotta Be The Craziest Way You’ll Ever See Someone Win A Gold Medal

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Speed skating GIF Sochi Olympics 2014There have already been some pretty crazy things that we've seen at the 2014 Sochi Olympics — from the complete insanity to the city being totally unprepared to host an international event, to adorable photos of skier Gus Kenworthy attempting to adopt a whole heap of soft fuzzy squeezable Russian puppies to save them from the poisoning deaths that are befalling a lot of strays in the area. (That last one was crazy on both ends of the spectrum, did you catch that?)

And there will certainly be a lot of crazy things still to come, but I can pretty much guarantee that you won't see a medal upset like the one that took place during the women's finals for 500-meter short track speed skating. I've been completely incapable of keeping up with how long it takes for us to get things here that have already aired in Sochi, so all I can tell you is that this happens din the past. It took place on the Planet Earth, but I don't know if it's aired in the land of Americana yet.

So if I'm spoiling anything, I deeply apologize, but this GIF was too insane not to share. With four laps left, there was still tight contention between the three front-runners, Elise Christie of Great Britain, Arianna Fontana of Italy, and Park Seung-hi of South Korea. A fourth skater, Li Jianrou of China, was in the back, wearing red.

…which turned out to be an excellent place to be lurking, once Christie clipped Fontana, causing a pile-up that Park alllllmost avoided, but then got tripped up by as well, skidding into the boards. And with so few laps left when Li came blazing by, there was absolutely no way to make up that time, so she took the gold, with a full six seconds on Fontana, the second-place finisher.

I wonder if that feels good or bad for her, to have finished first because of human error on the part of a competitor. I imagine it feels pretty decent because HEY LOOK AT THIS OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL I WON.

(Image: Deadspin)