Special Hilary Duff Interview

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Hilary Duff, movie and pop icon, hit the music scene with a storm only three years ago with her debut album, Metamorphosis.

Hilary Duff, now 17, has landed in an empire. “With her hands in everything from fashion design (Stuff by Hilary Duff), to film (A Cinderella Story, The Perfect Man, Cheaper by the Dozen) to the oversaturated world of teen queen pop music, Duff has squeezed an entire celebrity career into an abbreviated few years.”

A new CD is coming out this week. Here is a great interview with Hilary Duff about it.

“Q : I gather you spend a lot of time in Toronto?

A : Yeah, I do. I feel like it’s my second home. I’m always there. I love it . . . I know the city really well and I have a couple of friends there and it’s really nice. The shopping’s great.

Q : The new CD is a greatest hits album?

It’s not really a greatest hits; it’s more of a collection of my favourite songs . . . A lot of the songs have been remixed and remastered so they sound totally different and there are three new songs on the album that have a new sound that I wanted to experiment with.

Q : Why do an album like this, rather than a new album?

I guess because the album gives people a taste of what the music is going to be like at the show. I’m touring all summer and, you know, the new songs are totally different . . . so I just thought it was cool, you know? Just so I can get a grasp on what I want my new sound to be like and to prepare (for) when I work on my full album. This is just something fun now that will promote the tour and sounds a little different.

Q : What is this new sound?

It’s nothing in particular. The three songs we did (with) Benji and (current boyfriend) Joel (Madden) from Good Charlotte . . . obviously Wake Up (has a) very pop, dancy, kind of ’80s vibe to it and we did another song called Beat of My Heart that sounds kind of techno. And we did a song called Break My Heart that’s more pop-punk-rock-sounding . . . It’s just all different and each song has a totally different vibe to it.

Q : How did you pick the songs (for the new album)?”

I picked my favourites.

Q : Do you think it’s premature to release a compilation album as your third album?

No. I don’t think I would do it if I did.

Q : I notice you’re releasing a collector’s edition as well. . . . Do you get fan mail asking for an album like this?

Well, I don’t get to read all my fan mail. There’s a lot of it. But people have asked about it. I mean, we had to get the idea from somewhere, right?

Q : The opening lyrics for (the first single) Wake Up are “People talking . . . but they don’t really know anything about me,” and “I know I’ve made mistakes” — it seems very personal.

It is. I wrote Wake Up, Beat of My Heart and Break My Heart — well, Benji and Joel wrote them and then I went into the studio and changed a bunch of lyrics with them. At first, Joel brought me the songs and it was really great . . . but it was too much about press and people talking, you know? Almost, like, my career, and the song is not about that at all. There are some people out there who sing like that — about the business and about how it’s so controlling over them and whatever. That’s not what this song is . . . It’s not me, Hilary, that everyone knows. It’s me as a normal person, as a normal girl growing up, doing things. . . . It’s not about press or it’s not about being in the public eye…”

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