The First Trailer For Carrie Underwood’s The Sound Of Music Is Here And I Couldn’t Be More Excited For This Trainwreck

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The Sound of Music - Season 2013

If you're the mood for a televised trainwreck this holiday season, then I've got extremely exciting news just for you!  On December 5th, NBC will be airing The Sound of Music. But not the version that you've come to know and love with Julie Andrews. A live version starring Carrie Underwood as Maria! Yes, you read that right, LIVE! Which for so many obvious reason is a horrible idea. But the biggest and most obvious reason is because live musicals are only fun when you're in the actual audience. Watching a live musical on TV from your couch is only a smidge better than watching your little cousin's dance recital on Youtube. Sure the camera won't be as shaky, but it will still feel like you're missing something. Like, um, I dunno…BEING THERE!

When you're in the actual audience of a musical, you can accept the fact that everything's happening on one stage and that there are brief moments where they have to change outfits or change sets. Even cold-hearted monsters like me get into the Broadway spirit when they're sitting mere feet away from the action. But when you're watching something on TV, you expect it to be perfect.  Especially when it's based on a classic movie that every single American has watched (parts of) several times. Even if this goes off without a hitch, it will still be shot from a stage. That works for award shows and even SNL, but I really don't get how that will work for a three-hour production that involves lots of action.

Also, let's pretend like the audience at home buys into this second-rate musical experience, it's still starring Carrie Underwood. I like her as much as I like any other blonde country star who lets Jesus take the wheel, but is she ready to take on a lead role in a live production. I'm going to guess no. But I'm also going to guess that all these things combined is why this will be such a delightfully fun TV event to watch. While there probably won't be any nip slips (sad face), there will probably be a whole bunch of other hilarious shenanigans. So I guess what I'm trying to say is who wants me to live-tweet the entire thing? Julie Andrews? Do I hear a yes from you?

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