Ellen Needs A Break From Raising Sophia Grace And Rosie, Asks Vince Vaughn To Help Babysit

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Despite the fact that Sophia Grace and Rosie both appear to have loving parents, Ellen DeGeneres did some kind of back alley adoption of the two singing English moppets last year that requires them to come on her show approximately every other day. While at first the first the two children proved to be an incredible hit among, um, everyone — their act started to grow old when they went from a one-time novelty to part-time talk show hosts. The two kids who used to freak out when they saw their favorite celebrities now treat them with as much nonchalance as you would a glass of chocolate milk. Like it's a nice treat, but it's also not unexpected. Eat your vegetables and you get chocolate milk with dinner. Show up on Ellen and she'll send you to interview A-list stars on the red carpet.

Now don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than I love small English children — I have my very own adoption applications pending for the two in The Holiday. But, with that said, these two lost their cute factor a while back. Which is a shame, because I was one of their biggest fans way back when and I even brought them up as possible Today Show co-hosts last summer when everything began to go awry over at NBC.

And during their past few appearances, Ellen seemed just as enamored with them as ever. But this week felt different. Rather than grow giddy at the prospect of them telling jokes, she appeared annoyed. Hence why she invited Vince Vaughn to join them on the couch and help her laugh at their jokes. Sure they tried to win back over to their side with one custom-written “we-love-you-Ellen-joke,” but it wasn't enough to make her smile at them the way she used to. Especially when Rosie — who used to be a clinical mute — was like “I have 10000 more jokes for you Ellen!!!” and Ellen was like, “NO MORE JOKES!”

While it will be hard for Sophia Grace and Rosie to adjust back to life as normal children who have parents with Youtube accounts, I think it's for the best that they go back to being just that. That way we can catch up with them in 15 years and actually remember them fondly as those two little tutu-addicts who used to show up on The Ellen Show.