Newest Sophia Grace And Rosie Red Carpet Video Makes Me More Jealous Of Them Than Ever

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It wouldn't be a red carpet without Ellen's pint-sized nuggets Sophia Grace and Rosie interviewing celebrities. So it makes complete sense that the two girls flew over from England to attend the 2013 Grammys this past weekend. Or maybe they just drove from their second homes in L.A. They must have those by now, right? They're here so often that it's starting to seem impractical that they stay in a hotel every time.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. Not on a Tuesday morning. So it has to be said that I've  ridden quite the emotional roller coaster with Sophia Grace and Rosie this past year. At first I loved them and their tutus and their songs and their British accents. Then I decided love might be too strong of a word and decided to start saying like instead. Then I (don't hate me!) grew tired of them.

Don't get me wrong. Usually I love British children (I still have adoption papers pending for the girls from The Holiday), but I thought Ellen may have gone on overdrive with them this past year. At some points it started to seem that they co-hosted the show with her. And trust me, this is hard for me to say. I love Ellen! I usually value her judgement. But this is one case when I wished she had consulted with me first.

It's so easy to turn a cute kid into an insufferable child star and I thought Ellen might be flying too close to the sun with those two kids. I mean, when she met Rosie the kid didn't even talk. Now she's a chatterbox. Before long she'll be pitching her own shows to networks, writing tell-alls and emancipating herself from her parents. It happens that quickly people. That quickly

However now that I've stopped clicking on Sophia Grace and Rosie videos when I see them pop up, I'm happy to say I'm back on the road to liking them. This Grammys red carpet interview video shows them doing what they do best. Getting excited about meeting their favorite performers. Although I do have to say they're getting pretty comfortable around these celebrities, pretty comfortable indeed. But perhaps that's just my jealousy speaking. Celebrities rarely (never) give me presents when I meet them.

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