You Can Now See Sophia Grace And Rosie On Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

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I'm such a big fan of Sophia Grace and Rosie that I'm the president of their Manhattan Regional Fan Club. I'm also vice president, secretary and treasurer. But that's par for the course when you're the only member of a very exclusive fan club.

I watch all their performances on Ellen and I watch all their red carpet coverage. I just can't help but be obsessed with their dancing, singing and English way of speaking. It's just so darn cute and so darn accented.

Like any loyal fan, I worry about the future for Sophia Grace and Rosie. Sure they're precious and charming and British now. But will they still be in 10 years? Will their act still be relevant and clickable?

I'm not always so sure.

Part of what makes their act so absolutely delightful is the fact that they're pint-sized stars. Teens dancing around the stage in tutus wouldn't be quite as fun to watch — and adults, forget it. That would be some kind of TLC show about adults babies who give birth to octuplets while dancing on stage with pregnant obese dwarves in tutus.

So what does the future hold for Sophia Grace and Rosie? According to this video, a stint on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, a lot of drinking and a few Sophia Grace confessionals about her relationship with Rosie.

It's funny, you'll like it. So watch and laugh and pray that this isn't what actually happens to our favorite British duo.