17 Non-Taylor Swift Songs Written About Real Breakups

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Big Machine

Though they might have better (much, much better) voices than the general public, singers are really just like the rest of us. They fall down, they get in tiffs with friends, and they go through breakups.

Along with their amazing voices, another difference between singers and the rest of us is that when we go through a breakup, we eat junk food and watch terrible television and when they go through a breakup, they write a hit song about their ex.

If you actually listen to the lyrics of all of these 17 songs, you can tell exactly who the singer is referring to — sometimes fondly and sometimes…. not so much. While you could just listen to Taylor Swift’s entire discography for a diary of her dating life, she’s not the only one who writes about exes. These non-Taylor Swift songs were all written about real breakups, too.