Someone Made An Ice Cream That Tastes Like Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is so damn cute. Don't you just want to roll around in his scent and then capture, kill and eat him, savoring every last bite? Ha ha, of course you don't, that would be crazy. (Or do you? ARE YOU A TRUE BELIEBER?)

Rather than discourage these worrying impulses in fans, Bieber's management has only stoked them, first with the Bieber-themed lady scent “Someday,” and now with a Bieber-flavored ice cream sundae. Sold at London department store Harrods for the equivalent of $32, the Someday Sundae supposedly tastes how the perfume smells, with wild berry and vanilla ice cream, fresh pear, lavender sprinkles, and edible glitter. (Justin Bieber loves edible glitter.)

$32 might seem a bit steep for a sundae, but all of the proceeds go to making sick kids' dreams come true via the Make a Wish Foundation, so stop being so selfish. Do any of those dreams involve Justin Bieber? Chances are good. (Perhaps he should cut out the middle man and go around granting private audiences for free.) For anyone lucky enough to not meet the requirements for Make A Wish, there's always the scent and the sundae. For tips on how to best enjoy it, see below.