Some Soap Actress Took To Twitter To Shade Viola Davis’s Emmy Speech

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Well, ladies and gents, there’s always one in the crowd. And today it’s some random soap actress named Nancy Lee Grahn. She wins the award for Dumbest Person On Twitter, and, let’s be real, that’s a REALLY hard award to win given the amount of idiocy on that site.

As we all know by now, Viola Davis made history last night by becoming the first woman of color to win the best actress in a drama series award at the Emmys for her role in ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. Her speech was beautiful and poignant, and highlighted that yes, while we have come so far for diversity in roles and accepting that people of all skin tones, ethnicities, body types, ages, etc. are great actors and should be given equal opportunities, and we still have so far to go.

Viola was, naturally, applauded by the majority of people for her speech. But of course, the internet shows us that there really are some idiots lurking among us, and one in particular just doesn’t want to let Viola be great.

Nancy, who is most known for being on General Hospital for a really long time, tweeted out this word vomit in reaction to Viola’s speech:

Naturally, she received a flurry of backlash immediately after said tweet. So, her damage control began with a tweet that was quickly deleted in which she said:

“Im a f**king actress for 40 yrs. None of us get respect or opportunity we deserve. Emmy not venue 4 racial opportunity. ALL women belittled.”

Then came a series of backpeddling tweets:





And because 140 characters wasn’t enough, she added more:
“I apologize for my earlier tweets and now realize I need to check my own privilege. My intention was not to take this historic and important moment from Viola Davis or other women of color but I realize that my intention doesn’t matter here because that is what I ended up doing. I learned a lot tonight and I admit that there are still some things I don’t understand but I am trying to and will let this be a learning experience for me.”

And more:




Nancy, I speak on behalf of the world when I say, please, just shut up. Thanks.

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