Some Proposed Plots for the Texts From Last Night Television Show

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You’re all familiar with Texts From Last Night, right? That hilarious and often uncomfortable website dedicated to preserving for all of time those embarrassing texts that probably wouldn’t have been sent were it not for the consumption of rather a lot of one or more substances? Good. Because they’re going to make a television show out of it, and I need your help figuring out how this is going to work.

According to Deadline, Fox has tapped Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta to develop a show based on Texts From Last Night. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Fox has tried to turn TFLN into a show; two Steve Holland, who wrote for The Big Bang Theory and Kenan & Kel among other things, was tasked with bringing the website to the small screen, and the season following, Marc Abrams and Michael Benson of The Bernie Mac Show took over.

Will Horta make it work? Who knows. Honestly, I just want to know what the pitches for the actual premise of the show are going to be like. Oh! I know! How do these ideas sound?

  • CSI: TFLN: This procedural follows edgy detectives Molloy (Sean Patrick Flannery, in a move to revive his career) and Simms (Michelle Trachtenberg, in an effort to finally be seen as an adult) attempt to solve the most difficult of crimes through the careful analysis of the debauched texts sent by the victims the night before.
  • Whose TFLN Is It, Anyway?: An improv comedy show hosted by Adam Sandler wherein the prompts for each scene have been assembled from the audience’s most embarrassing texts. Bonus points if you can identify which audience member your prompt came from.
  • Desperate TFLN: Only their texts reveal exactly what the ladies of Petunia Path get up to in their free time…
  • Mad TFLN: A stylish period piece that follows the lives of the employees of a well-known ad agency during the high-flying, text-happy 1960s. What’s that, you say? Texting didn’t exist in the ‘60s? LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.
  • Battlestar TFLN:This sci-fi epic employs futuristic technology in each person’s cell phone to prevent the sending of unfortunate text messages before the messages have even been thought up. But what happens when the cell phones start turning against their makers?
  • TFLN, MD: A crotchety doctor played by British actor Stephen Fry in his first turn as an American solves medical mysteries with the help of his patients’ cell phone records.
  • TFLN: The Sitcom: Essentially, How I Met Your Mother. With even more texting.


Hmmm… none of these are really doing it for you, are they? Ah well. I’ll keep thinking. You keep thinking, too; the only way to make this work is if we all get it on the conversation. But I mean, hey, it’s going to be on Fox, so it won’t really matter if it’s any good; it’ll just get cancelled after the second episode anyway. Carry on!