Solange Pulled A Selena Gomez And Deleted All Photos Of Beyonce From Her Instagram

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Solange, Beyonce, and Tina Knowles attending Glamorama in Chicago September 2006(Photo: Sam Wilson / WENN.com)

After the video leaked yesterday of Solange Knowles‘ elevator attack on Jay Z, I didn't really need any more evidence that something was seriously up with her. But (don't) ask and you shall receive, because we just got some — Solange has deleted almost every single photo of her sister Beyonce from her Instagram.

Radar Online points out that she did leave one photo from 2013 up, but now that it's being written up on multiple outlets as the only remaining shot of the two of them together, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will get taken down some time today.

But the point is, it looks like the issue wasn't contained to just that night, as the feud seems to have extended all the way to social media, This may not seem like that big of a deal to people, but when you think about it, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the only places where we get a real glimpse of the mental state of celebrities. Some celebrities have a member of their team run their various accounts, but in most cases, it's a way for us to hear directly from them, unfiltered. As examples, I'd cite Amanda Bynes‘ very public downward spiral over Twitter last year, and the (what I feel is a) very similar situation starting on Selena Gomez‘s Instagram right now.

We still have no idea what the fight was about in the first place, but Solange isn't the only sibling commenting on it by proxy. Although she usually posts photos of herself, her family, or her outfits, Beyonce put up the following quote on Instagram two days after the Met Ball, when the attack occurred.

If this feud was resolvable in person, the Knowles sisters would probably be settling it that way instead of lobbing shots back and forth at each other over the internet, right? And no matter what the fight was about, or how many ‘insider reports' we get about what exactly went down at the party, that's what worries me the most.