Solange Knowles Cancels Tour Dates To Stay Home And Be A Good Mom

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Solange Knowles at Glastonbury Music Festival June 2013Fifty points to Knowles House, because Solange Knowles has just set a glowing example for other celebrities by placing the importance of her family before that of her career. Solange was originally scheduled to do a two-week tour of Europe in August of this year, but as she recently posted on her blog, she elected to cancel it in order to focus on the things that are really important:

“I am completely devastated to announce that I will be canceling my international festival dates for the summer.

I wish I could put in words how much of a difficult decision this was…but between moving part time to a new city, starting my son in a new school, and writing/recording my new record…I really had to make the best decision for my mental/physical health and provide some stability for my family.  I am so so sooooo sorry if I’ve disappointed… and really hope to make it out to those special cities soon enough!”

It's something I'm sure her fans aren't happy about, because they don't get to see her show, but I hope they're also able to admire the fact that Solange is an artist who has her priorities in order. Too much of the time, I find that people in the spotlight exploit their families or neglect them altogether, letting their desire for money and/or fame drive their decision-making process. If they aren't making their private lives public by allowing reality television cameras into their homes, they're spending so much time on the road that their relationships falls apart. Just look at Katy Perry and Russell Brand! Their marriage broke up over text message.

And they're not the only ones! That's the reason most commonly cited behind celebrity breakups — two people having opposite schedules and spending too much time apart — which is one thing if it only involves two consenting adults, but entirely another when there's a kid involved. And Solange has a kid, guys! Her son, Daniel Julez, is eight, and as she mentioned, she just moved him from LA to Brooklyn, so he's still adjusting to a new environment. And she wants to be around for that! As a parent should! I think that's great! More exclamation points!

So sorry if you're a European fan who's disappointed that you won't see Solange in concert this summer, but try to find solace in the fact that you've chosen a grounded, moral, family-oriented artist to put your support behind. Pat yourself on the back, guys, because this proves to me that Solange is awesome.

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