Let’s Be Honest — Is Solange The Better Knowles Sister?

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Don't answer right away, because I know you're a little biased, but is it possible that Solange is the cooler Knowles sister? Beyonce gets a lot of the credit, but maybe that's just because she's so famous that everybody's saturated with her image to the point that when you ask the question, “Which Knowles is better?” on a deserted street corner, fourteen people throw open their windows and shout out, “Beyonce! Beyonce! BEYONCE!” But hear me out.

Solange is super awesome. For a first point of proof, take your eyes about five inches upward to the clip from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where she went to do publicity for her new EP, True. You hear that, guys? She has an EP. That's pretty trendy and cool. As was the song she did, the outfit she wore, the way she wore her hair, and her dance moves. She's not primped and styled like Bey — she has a funky look that's all her own and that wouldn't really work on anyone else. Plus I've always loved a lady who can rock her natural head of hair.

Secondly, Solange has repeatedly stated that she wouldn't want to be as well-known as her sister, which I think is great. She's super talented, but self-aware enough to know that the famous lifestyle isn't for her, and I have total respect for that. It also makes it easier for me to take her music seriously — because I can believe she's experienced all the things she's singing about. She got married when she was 17, had a baby when she was 18, and has also now gone through a divorce and being a single mother. So even though she's only 26 as compared with Beyonce's 31, she's seen some things and gone some places. Whereas every time I hear Irreplaceable, I think to myself, “Okay, Beyonce, but in what world could you fit everything that Jay-Z owns in a box to the left? How big is that box? Try again.”

(Image: Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com)