Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z In An Elevator, And The Footage Is Horrifying

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Beyonce and Solange Knowles performing at Coachella April 2014I'm not one to throw around the word ‘horrifying', but it's really the only appropriate phrasing for the footage of Beyonce‘s sister Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Ball.

The three of them were all in attendance at the fundraising event last week, and it seemed from the outside like everything was fine. Remember Jay had that adorable moment with Beyonce when her ring fell off on the red carpet and he faux-proposed to her while handing it back? So cute. But apparently something really serious was going on behind the scenes, because TMZ has surveillance camera footage of a super intense altercation that took place as soon as the doors closed on the elevator that Jay, the Knowles sisters, and a bodyguard were taking to another floor of The Standard Hotel.

When the video starts, Beyonce is already in the car, soon followed by Solange and then Jay Z, with a bodyguard bringing up the rear. There's no sound, but you can tell that Solange is already in the middle of something with Jay Z, getting right in his face and shaking her finger at him, clearly yelling about something.

Then as soon as the doors close, this girl is going crazy on him. Not just pushing him, which is what I expected when I started watching, but full on throwing punches and kicking while screaming at him. After pressing the emergency stop button (presumably to keep the fight private) the bodyguard gets ahold of her pretty quickly, but she's thrashing around in his arms trying to get at Jay, and it's all the more unnerving because of how calm he and Beyonce are.

Jay puts his hands out to keep her wild swings from connecting, but by and large he just stands there and lets it happen, while Bey barely even moves a muscle. She only steps in front of Jay at the very end, when he's holding onto Solange's leg after she kicks out at him. But her movements the whole time are so unhurried that it reminds me of the way you act around your really drunk friend who's being totally irrational. You know there's no way to talk him or her down, so you just basically wait for them to get tired.

I have no idea if that's what the deal was with Solange, because it's not clear what the fight was about or who started it, but that was just…a lot. I guess I kind of forgot that people were allowed to lose control like that around Beyonce without getting carted away like a disruptive fan at a concert or disappearing into a cloud of sparkling blue smoke. What the eff could that possibly have been about??

(Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images Entertainment)