Sofia Vergara And Jimmy Kimmel Read Blog Comments About Each Other, Discover The Internet’s Dark Side

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The Internet's the most wonderful place in the entire world. But it's also the most horrible. Which is something that Jimmy Kimmel and Sofia Vergara learned yesterday when they read each other's blog comments aloud. Now, as an Internet user, you're probably aware that comments on blogs usually range from incoherent to illiterate to are-you-confessing-to-a-crime. Personally, I love it.

There's nothing that keeps your ego in check more than an anonymous commenter. Why, sometimes I'll think that I wrote something really good, and then a commenter will inform me that I'm a piece of shit who should go back to journalism school and get a real job. While it's unclear how I'm supposed to get a real job while in journalism school to get better at my fake job, I always appreciate the feedback. Almost as much as the online journalism school that I keep returning to every few weeks appreciates my tuition.

If celebrities spent as much time on the Internet as I do, I think their egos would also be kept in better check. I know the popular thing to do when you're famous is to never google yourself, but I'm all for it. Especially for celebrities like Justin Bieber who could use a little bit of a reality check. “Oh this is what people think about me. Wow. Hmmm. On that note, I will stop pissing in mop buckets.” Sure the comments are sometimes factually incorrect, historically inaccurate, openly racist, wildly misogynistic, generally offensive and an overall horrible representation of humans, but sometimes they have a hint of a glimmer of truth.

While I don't agree with the comments directed toward Jimmy Kimmel and Sofia Vergara, I did enjoy their little exercise. Now, how can we make this a regular thing? And how can I nominate the celebrities and the comments to be read?

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