Sofía Vergara Knows We All Lust After Joe Manganiello And She Does Not Care

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Sofía Vergara stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to discuss her upcoming nuptials to Joe Manganiello and she spilled the details on their engagement, wedding plans, and what it’s like to date someone THAT good looking. 

Sofía told Jimmy that Joe “knew exactly what I deserved” in a sparkler and admitted, “I told him when I met him that he was too handsome. But now I’m very grateful that I did went out [sic] with him.” She was cautious of the fact that girls would throw themselves at him and thought it would be “too much work to date someone so handsome.” Sigh, pretty people problems.

Even Jimmy couldn’t deny the fact that he’s thoroughly studied Joe’s mid-section, and Sofía was like.. wtf? He asked if women ever hit on Joe while in her presence, and she said: “I’ve seen it. Girls don’t care. I mean, have you seen him? I mean, I understand. I don’t judge them.”

Men also, obviously, take their chances on Sofía, but never around Joe. “Are you kidding me?” she asked, noting that he’s 6-foot-5 and “very strong.” Very strong, indeed.

She discussed their upcoming wedding, saying that they’re both “very excited.”

“We’ll kind of keep it a little private, but it’s been kind of impossible because people have been very excited in my family,” Sofía said, adding that it “was very hard” to trim the guest list down to 400 people. “We said, ‘Two hundred for you, two hundred for me,’ but my 200 is like family, so I couldn’t invite many of my friends…The truth is that he gave me some of his, because I was in trouble. There were people from work that I needed to bring.”

Of course, the entire Modern Family cast will be in attendance. Sofía says there won’t be bridesmaids (hoping this means the beginning of the end of the bridesmaid trend.) “It would be torture. I don’t think that tradition would have ever lasted one second in Latin America. How do you pick your bridesmaids? All your cousins are your best friends – the whole wedding would be dressed in the same outfit!”

And now basically all I want is an invite to this “intimate” 400 person wedding, so thanks Sofía!

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