Sofia Vergara Got To Be Very Loud On SNL

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Last night Sofia Vergara hosted SNL, bringing her confidence, her accents, and her collection of very tight yet very flattering dresses.

Her opening monologue was nothing painful but nothing ground breaking; she referenced her sex appeal, gave a shout out to Modern Family, and even introduced her son in the audience who didn't seem at all uncomfortable watching his mom make words sound sexy in front of a live studio audience.

Sofia's sketches were a mixed bag, with her energy and enthusiasm saving a few of them from their own premises (news promos?). As Fran Drescher and a cast member on a new Bravo show she seemed to have taken the direction to say her lines loudly a little too seriously, but she still captured Fran's laugh perfectly. Her best moment definitely came when she was playing herself in a shampoo commercial; without the pressure to be someone else she got to be her bubbly self. If you missed last night's show, check out some of the highlights below.

Letting Sofia Vergara play herself was a good choice (and a softer choice) and this sketch was a nice way to introduce the new cast remember. Her impression wasn't that accurate, but she did prove she has great comedic timing.

Quirky Girl is one of the funniest recurring sketches on the show right now, and Kristen Wiig's dead on Drew Barrymore impression only helped.I hope the real life Zooey Deschanel names her son Fluffy The Gerbil.

The adorable boys from One Direction look so excited to be in a real SNL sketch!

This ad was dragging a little (yes, yes, frozen pizza can be nasty) but Bill Hader's nervous outrage saved it. Remember to say hell no to almost food.