May This Vine Of The Giant Sochi Stuffed Animals Live In Your Nightmares

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2014 Winter Olympics Mascots Hare Leopard Bear

There's nothing I love more than a pop culture disaster. So you can only imagine how much I'm already loving the 2014 Winter Olympics already. From the yellow water to the shower surveillance cameras to the little snowflake that couldn't, I'm obsessed with Sochi. If it were a human and not a city, I'd marry it. Heck, I might even still marry it. There are weirder things happening over there than a lady marrying the city she loves.

While I wish we could have a full conversation right here and right now about the opening ceremonies that just aired, we can't. And that's only because NBC's a possessive mother when it comes to the Olympics and refuses to air it live for all us once-every-two-years-sports-loving fans. So we just have to deal with the trickle of videos and GIFs that are currently streaming into our country. Like these clips of t.A.T.u performing. Or this gallery of absurd outfits. Or this vine of the official Olympic mascots: Bear, Hare and Leopard.

You remember Bear, Hare and Leopard, right? From the mid '90s? They played stuffed animals in a very special episode Are You Afraid of The Dark…and Would Like To Also Be Afraid Of Your Dreams? I mean, they looked younger then. But all in all, their skin looks great for a bunch of aged stuffed animals. And dare I say it but I think Leopard's been hitting the gym. Check out that waist — or lack thereof!

While you're welcome to stick around for as long as you want to watch this again and again, feel free knowing that you can revisit this Vine over and over again in your nightmares.