Olympic Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Is Totally The New McKayla Maroney

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You know that thing where you're an accomplished athlete and you're invited to compete at the Olympics, and you get out there and perform, like, the best performance of all time, so good that you eagerly anticipate the judges' scores because you just know they're going to be amazing?  You're cheering and smiling like Miss America, because this is your moment.  And then the judges reveal their scores, and… it's the most crushing blow of all time because they're way lower than you thought and oh my god, is that a camera catching this moment of tangible disappointment?  And you're thinking, “Am I going to be a GIF in the morning?” Welcome to U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner‘s life today,

It's all fun and games until the Sochi judges crush your hopes and dreams. Despite her very visible unhappiness with the score, Wagner still managed to smile as she waved to those applauding. Probably sensing that she was about to become an internet sensation ala McKayla Maroney, she came up with a nice save:

“To score that low was very disappointing for me.  But honestly, this was more about me and my performance and proving to everyone that I belong here.”

Despite everything, Wagner still placed fourth in the women's short program segment of the figure skating team event and the U.S. team is still in contention for a medal.  Here's hoping her next performance goes a little better for her and the team! (But until her redemption, please enjoy these already-viral GIFs.)


“Yeah! I did it!  I'm awesome!  Thanks, gurrrl!”

“Just blowing kisses and cheesing hard, like awesome performers do.”


“A little groove session proves I'm totally chill about being scored.”

“Haha, I know right?  A perfect ten so early in the games! That would be cray.”

Drumroll, please….


We feel you, gurl.  Ouch.

(Lead image and GIFs: Tumblr)