18 Sober Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

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18 Sober Celebrities Who Don t Drink Alcohol mean girls gif

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Hollywood is sometimes thought of as one big party. When you combine money, beautiful people, free swag and countless premieres and releases to celebrate, you can see where the idea comes from. With the party-like atmosphere, there’s often plenty of opportunity for drinking whether it’s at an event hosted by a drinks company or to toast some new movie at a premiere. That doesn’t mean everyone is imbibing. There are celebrities who abstain from drinking alcohol altogether.

There are some celebrities who have revealed that they’re just not that into the idea of drinking alcohol. Then there are those who have started drinking but didn’t like the way it was affecting their lives so they decided to get sober. Each celebrity has their own story, but the thing they have in common is that they simply don’t drink booze. Have a look at 18 stars who don’t drink alcohol.

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