So What Happens to the Survivors When They Are Voted Off the Island?

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I've been told before that they are not allowed to disclose any production information about Survivor, even after they are done with the show. However, I have a “top secret” source that filled me in on what really happens. Here's the scoop:

First, I found out that it makes a difference, whether the person has lasted long enough to be a part of the jury. The jury folks stay in the production camp near the Survivors, because they have to be available to be at every tribal counsel. They sleep on cots and it's more comfortable than if they were still a part of the tribe, but it's not super-luxurious, by any means.

If they are eliminated before the jury begins to form, they are immediately taken to the far side of the island and told to put on a large, dark “hoodie” with the hood up. That way, no one can tell who it is unless they are supposed to know. Then, they wait to be transported by boat, or whatever necessary means to the sequestor site.

The sequestor site is not even near the production location, so that they will not be spotted and give away the order of elimination at all. Then, on the way to their destination, there's a counselor-psychologist-type person that sits with them, telling them how hard it was for them to do what they did and that few people get the chance and that they did a great job, etc. And they make sure the person is mentaly ok after the experience. (Gee, I wonder what the psych person had to say about Shane, the guy that used a piece of wood as his “blackberry” while on the island…?)

They are given a small apartment to live in and each gets about $100/day spending money. And if they have a luxury item that they feel they need in order to pass the time, they generally get that too. Their stay is much more luxurious and they can go to the beach, hang around with each other, etc.

So I think it's pretty interesting to find out what happens to them after they are eliminated from the game. What do you think? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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