Is Anyone Really Surprised That Snoop Dogg Smokes Weed With His 18-Year-Old Son?

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A bit of faux-outrage has hit the Internet today following the “revelation” that Snoop Dogg Lion likes to blaze with his 18-year-old son Corde Calvin Broadus, and probably has since he was wee. This information comes via photos Corde posted to his Twitter account, as well as common fucking sense, based on what we know about Snoop Dogg. 

While I would probably not smoke weed with my own hypothetical high school aged kids because I want my kids to respect me and I am an idiot when stoned, I will say as a teenage pot smoker/valedictorian that it's far from the worst thing he could be doing. And look, they are spending time together! Snoop comes from a community that, due to a variety of socioeconomic factors, has fatherhood issues, so it's nice for his fans to see him sharing his favorite things (weed and hip hop) with his kid. Plus, the sticky stuff is a sacrament under Rastafarianism, so really he's just trying to be a spiritual mentor.

I also have to laugh at all the people who are mad that he's abandoning his promising career in college football to smoke weed err'day and record music as Spanky Danky, because football is totally wrong and fucked up. Weed might slow you down a little, but compared to the kind of life-ruining brain injuries sustained by pro football players, I will take dry mouth and an enduring interest in cartoons, thanks. Plus, in one picture, he's lighting a bong using only the sun and a magnifying glass, so you know he paid attention in science class.

And in addition to posing less of a threat to his brain, a career in hiphop is likely to sustain him for longer. Record labels are going to have an interest in signing Snoop Dogg's son, and his music ain't half bad. Here, have a listen. I can definitely hear his dad's influence in his laid back flow and old soul samples, and his themes of good times, rolling blunts, and being a hippie are a lot more positive than the violent, misogynistic stuff you hear in some rap music.

All this, plus he's a total cutie pie:

I think he's going to be just fine. If you're going to worry about a teenager, worry about the millions of teens who are not the offspring of a world famous rapper.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photos: @SpankyDanky