Seth Rogen And Snoop Dogg Recapping Game Of Thrones Makes Westeros Seem HIGHlarious

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Seth Rogen Snoop Dogg Game Of Thrones Recap 5-23-14

Move over, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, and make way for Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg as the new commentary team to beat.  I'm serious.  Just when you think the internet can't get any more random, it offers you a play-by-play of last week's Game of Thrones episode, brought to you by marijuana.  Let me interrupt this post by calling out the spoiler-whiners- I suggest you go elsewhere for a bit, because if you aren't up to speed on the show just yet you're probably going to call for my head on a spike in the comments.  We good?  Good.  Now, as for the rest of you who either pay the astronomical cable fees or stole a friend's HBOGo password, please enjoy:

Did anyone else adore the way Snoop said “Peetah” in reference to Petyr Baelish?  Makes me wonder if he's got a thing for the Hunger Games trilogy.  Though Snoop could use a lesson in political correctness, at least he didn't call Tyrion/Peter Dinklage an “angry elf.” And though most of us could probably predict (SPOILER WARNING) Lady Lysa taking a trip through her own moon door coming from a mile away, the “Move bitch, get out the way” soundtrack added a delightful touch in the recap.  Seth, who quickly moved up to my number one favorite person ever after describing his horrible encounter with Justin Bieber, can't stop cracking up here and I love it.

Though the entire “recap” isn't exactly for prudish ears, I have to say I love how obsessed Snoop is with the British aristocracy.  I can't wait for him to change his name to His Grace Sir Snoop Dogg Lion Littlefinger on his next album.