‘He’s A Mormon But Ain’t Got No Hoes’ And 19 Other Reasons Snoop Dogg Is Not Voting For Romney

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As a citizen of the United States who is part of the 25-34 demographic (and still kind of pretends she's part of the 18-24 demographic because really, 27 and 34 are SO not the same thing), I feel it's my civic duty to monitor celebrity Instagram accounts.  That being said, I have a love/hate relationship with Snoop Dogg and his Instagram overuse, because I have never seen another human being love anything as much as Snoop Dogg loves Instagram.  But I let it slide, because we've all drunk-dialed/high-photobombed at least once in our lives.

This afternoon, the D-O-Double-G (wait, I guess he's now the L-I-O-N?) posted a snapshot of a handwritten list of ten reasons why he's not voting for Mitt Romney and ten reasons why he IS voting for President Obama.  For me, this list surpasses all of the Big Bird/Muppet memes out there this week.

In case you don't follow Snoop on Instagram, allow me to share a few highlights:

Why I'm Not Voting For Romney
“This mothafucka's name is Mitt”
“He is a ho”
“This mothafucka's name is Mitt”
“He reminds me of every boss I've ever hated”
“This mothafucka's name is Mitt”
And my personal fave: “He's a Mormon but ain't got no hoes”

Why I'm Voting For Obama
“He mad cool yo”
“He wears a durag like me”
“Michelle got a fat ass” (This happens to be one of my reasons too)
“He hugged Beyonce before and sniffed her neck”
“He smokes Newports”

If you look at the photo, you can see that there are several uses of the word “nigga,” and I don't know if I can use it even if it's funny and even if I'm quoting someone who CAN use it, because Elisabeth Hasselbeck totally ruins everything for white people.  And I never, ever want to piss off Whoopi Goldberg.

Either way this completely made my day.  @FiredBigBird, meet @SnoopDogg.

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