Snoop Dogg Warns Kris Humphries That Kim Kardashian Is A ‘Cold-Blooded’ Cheater

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It's not unusual for Snoop Dogg to make off-the-wall videos — we won't soon forget his True Blood tribute “Oh Sookie” — but this new video is surreal for how vitriolic it is. Snoop, going by the pseudonym Nemo, offers some advice to sadsack/reality TV victim Kris Humphries… basically, that he should never have tried to “wife the bitch.”

His main argument is that Kim Kardashian is a slut, and that she's cheated on every guy she's dated. The video is a little hard to watch with all the slurs, misogynistic and otherwise, but that's the gist of it. According to Snoop/Nemo, Reggie Bush couldn't satisfy Kim.

Ray J the only n—– that bounced back from the bitch, man,” Snoop reflects while enjoying a blunt. “She's cold-blooded. I'm pretty sure she have a book… talking about all the n—–s she got and how she played 'em. So my advice is, you can't make a ho a housewife. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she was born to do: Ho.”

Maybe it's just me, but I had no idea that Snoop had such a problem with Kim. Sure, we've become tired of her antics on various reality shows and now this sham wedding, but I don't think her fake life ever directly affected him. He must have just felt bad for all the guys she (according to him) strung along, and decided that it was time for someone to stand up to her.

We're curious, however, if his sign-off of “punk bitch” was yet another insult against Kim or dismissing Kris for falling into the Kardashian family's trap.