Snooki Emerges Victorious From Twitter Fight With Her Favorite DJ

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Today, in unfortunate Twitter feuds: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was just minding her own business, watching a documentary about cyberbullying (a topic no doubt near to her heart), when her favorite DJ/producer decided it would be a good time to cyberbully her a little more. In what may or may not have been a tweet mandated by her contract with MTV, she tweeted this bit of promo:

Because he is so cool and cynical, Deadmau5 responded with this witty retort:

Low blow, DJ bro! But not unlike a short, orange Jesus, Snooki responded by turning the other cheek:

Indeed, she has oft spoken of how much she lurves fist-pumping to Deadmau5's mixes up in the cluuuurrrrb, even name checking him in the book she “wrote,” A Shore Thing. He didn't respond directly (although he did mumble some nonsense about his edgy truth-telling) because what can one say to that? “You do not deserve to listen to my high artsy club mixes, ye who got punched in the face on purpose”? And correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't it a wee bit hypocritical for someone who wears a giant mouse head everywhere he goes to call someone else out for attention-seeking behavior?

Reading through some other things Deadmau5 has said, it seems he would like to distance himself from all those talentless cluuuurbgoing DJs and place himself in a category of high art. Guess what, dude? You make house music. Guess who listens to house music? People like Snooki. Maybe don't bite the hand that feeds you.