Snooki Playing With Baby Dolls Does Not Make Me Feel Better About Her Impending Motherhood

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There are plenty of headlines about expectant mother Snooki that would make me feel better about the girl famed for her epic partying skills currently carrying a child. Headlines like Snooki Eats Salad Full of Folic Acid, or Snooki Goes on Shopping Spree for Baby-Proofing Supplies.

Seeing her carrying a baby doll around with JWoww during a shoot for Jersey Shore does not inspire my confidence, however, because it calls to mind the baby dolls they hand out in Home Ec class (or at least in the Home Ec classes of sitcoms) to teach teens they're not ready for parenthood, which is what most onlookers have already decided about Snooki.

If she wants to get get prepared for her real-life baby, I'd suggest ditching the doll and loading her arms full of parenting books and prenatal vitamins. Maybe she could drop in on a yoga class for expectant mothers, or even spend some time with a friend who has an actual baby. Pushing a stroller with a cheetah print blanket might make for a good photo, but since she's due in less than five months, it might be time for Snooki to stop playing and start getting serious about her new role.