New Jersey Town Is Naming A New Anti-Reality Show Law After Snooki

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has become such a beacon in our culture that it's hard to remember a time before her. There are Snooki costumes, Snooki flip-flops, and everywhere you look, there is Snooki on TV. And now, she's even had a law named after her!

Okay, so that law is geared towards making sure a plague of Snookis is never dropped on another unsuspecting town again, but what of it? Most people have to get brutally murdered to have a law named after them.

Via NJ1015:

[Assemblyman Ronald] Dancer’s “Snookiville” Law A-3273 will explicitly give towns the option to be able to better regulate reality TV show productions. That includes creating ordinances that require the production companies of the show pay for any additional police officers or other unexpected township expenses they attribute to [them].

This could be helpful to towns either looking to control their image in the eye of the world, or simply resentful they must spend their limited budgets on crowd control measures for curious townspeople, or drunken late night arrests of people they never invited there in the first place.

The Assemblyman says it will be mutually beneficial to both reality TV producers and towns because “it gives both parties a state backed agreement , rather than creating a civil dispute in the court system.” Yeah, whatever. SNOOKI GO HOME!

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