Snooki, Michele Bachmann And Suzi Quatro Are Officially The Worst At Science

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What's the dumbest thing you've heard this year? Might it be one of these? The Sense About Science Campaign has compiled a list of celebrities who have made the least scientifically accurate quotes of 2011 and Snooki, Michele Bachmann and Snooki have all been name-checked.

Michele Bachmann was of course included for her hugely damaging comment that the HPV vaccine makes young girls “mentally retarded,” a completely baseless statement. And what of the others? Here's Snooki's quote:

“I don't really like the beach. I hate sharks, and the water's all whale sperm. That's why the ocean's salty.”

So when you have a sore throat, you're supposed to gargle with whale sperm? Speaking of, here's what musician Suzi Quatro had to say:

“I used to get a lot of sore throats and then one of my sisters told me that all illnesses start in the colon. I started taking a daily colon cleanser powder mixed with fresh juice every morning and it made an enormous difference.”

Oh boy! Here's one more from the list, courtesy of Christian Louboutin:

“She said that what is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a woman's foot when she orgasms. So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation.”

(via Jezebel)