Snooki Follows Sammi Giancola In Getting A Drastic ‘Makeunder’

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Remember when no one had seen Lady Gaga without makeup and it was a big mystery as to what she actually looked like? Well, once she started going out with a fresher face, that mystery moved on to pint-size Jersey Shore star Snooki. Since we met the guidette a few years back, her true form has been hidden beneath her signature pouf, greasy self-tanner, and way too much makeup.

However, probably prompted by Sammi Giancola‘s successful “makeunder,” Snooki decided to post this bare-faced photo to her Facebook page this morning. The caption reads no make up today, and IDC… and her fans are eating it up. (It's got over 15,000 likes.) Honestly, we're astonished by the transformation; we have to say, Snooki looks pretty here! Also, younger and more Chilean.

Here's hoping the overwhelmingly positive response will inspire Snooki to stop relying on heavy makeup and skanky outfits. After posting the photo, she tweetedCan I just say how AMAZING my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love You all beyond words….