Snooki & JWOWW Surprisingly Shows A More Mature Side To The Former Party Girls

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It is very rare for anyone to be able to say, “I can speak for everyone here…” accurately. But I think I can actually speak for everyone by saying, we were all shocked when we found out that Snooki is pregnant.  And even more shocked to find out that MTV cast Snooki and JWOWW on a Jersey Shore spin-off simply called Snooki & JWOWW. How could these two guidettes — best known for boozing and smushing — possibly pull off their own show? And how could they do it with a pregnant Snooki.

Well I watched the series premiere and I can say that actually manage to almost pull it off. Is it possible that the notoriously immature girls could actually be growing up?

The premise of the new Snooki & JWOWW was supposed to be one final hoorah for the girls, but now with Snooki not being able to booze it up, the show's done a 180.  Now don't get your ginny tees in a knot Jersey Shore fans, the season premiere does show the twosome in their usual hysterical antics while searching for an apartment in Jersey City.  But fans will realize the new series change of direction when Snooki breaks the news to JWOWW that she's pregnant and engaged. (Obviously staged, but still setting the tone of the season.)

It might not have been the most mature decision to ambush your friend with this news, but JWOWW surprisingly handles it well and agrees to help the expectant mother to stay on track.  These two are also practicing what they preach by cutting back on the late-night partying and replacing it with hanging home in their new apartment.  Just think of all the fun they can have re-decorating their new place every episode!

Though it's only the first episode, I have a feeling this new show will be more focused on JWOWW's and Snooki's maturing relationship — rather than who can bring home more guys.  These two will definitely be put through the ringer this season, as they try to navigate their relationship on new terms.   Viewers will get to see if JWOWW is going to be able to handle not having her partner-in-crime for what's supposed to be her final party as well as if Snooki is anywhere near ready to a parent.

So raise your virgin daiquiris to Snooki & JWOWW changing their irresponsible ways and growing up in front of the camera.

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