Snooki Is Tweeting Pics Of Herself In Bikinis (Plus A Spirit Hood!)

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How do you get the pint sized Jersey Shore star to tweet you a photo of her increasingly slim bikini bod? Send her that which she desires most: a purple, metallic, leopard print, cut out swimsuit. She will tweet her thanks, and she might even make it her new profile picture.

“Thank you @jvalentineinc LOVED it! #MEOW” she tweeted last night in response to a designer who sent her a “swim” suit. She also wore a spirit hood, because she is a sexy kitty cat.

Then there was this weirdly blurry one sent in thanks to @suholmesmckagan:

Why is the butt pointy? Anyway, it appears all of Snooki‘s “gym”-ing has paid off, as she looks significantly closer to the “orange tits on a stick” beauty ideal her people hold in such high regard. Good job, girlfriend.

(Via @Snooki)