Snooki Got A New Tattoo… Is It Of Her Hair?

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New Jersey meatball Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi spent her Saturday at the tattoo parlor and left with some shiny new ink across her shoulder.

The tat appears to show a golden crown set atop a bright pink bow, but from a distance (or, up close, blurry-eyed from tequila shots, which is how many people probably experience Snooki) it looks ever so similar to the Jersey Shore star's own bouffant hairdo. Maybe Snooki just thinks in big, overblown poofs? Or perhaps her hair itself is supposed to represent a crown. Queen Snooki, Lady of the Pizzeria.

The tat, which Snooks claims is her favorite, joins the words “La Familia” which are scrawled across her back. Check out another photo of Nicole's new design, plus some fancy nail action: