Snooki And The Situation Might Be Getting Replaced And It Could Be The Best Thing For Them

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Though mom-to-be Snooki and The Situation, who's spending some time in rehab, are both officially on board for The Jersey Shore's sixth season, they might not have as big a place on the show as they've enjoyed in the past; and that reduced role might be just what they need.

The Jersey Shore guys might say they're all about GTL, but they're leaving out a huge initial: A for the enormous amounts of alcohol it takes to keep the party going. The Jersey crew doesn't sip beers that The Situation and Snooki could easily swap out for sodas, they're getting drunk, and that's not an awesome environment for two people who can't drink but might want to.

To fill the Snooki and Sitch shaped holes it's rumored that the show runners at Jersey Shore are looking for more youthful potential cast members who haven't yet decided partying hard could be harmful to their health. So Jersey fans shouldn't be alarmed, there will be just as much craziness as we've come to expect from the shore, just a calmer future for two of its stars.